Gautam Garai
Scientist, Computational Sc. Div.

Tel: +91-33-23375345 to 49 Ext: 5546
Fax: +91-33-23374637
Email: gautam.garai[AT],

Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
1/AF, Bidhan Nagar, Sector - I
Kolkata - 700 064, India
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Research Interests

     My research interests are in the general areas of Evolutionary Algorithms, Data Mining and Bioinformatics.My current research is focussed on the application of Evolutionary algorithms on Data Mining, Bioinformatics and Pattern Matching. In these areas clustering and classification are the essential parts of the research.

     My team has developed some novel clustering and classification algorithms for pattern matching or unknown pattern extraction in Data Mining and Bioinformatics. For optimized clustering of data some newly developed (by our team) evolutionary algorithms have been invoked to achieve fast convergence rate. One such algorithm is named as CAscaded Genetic Algorithm (CAGA). It has further been modified by the distribution and hybridization schemes of the sequential cascaded method to overcome the inherent characteristics of the genetic algorithm to be trapped to a local optimum.

     My earlier research works are in the areas of Document Analysis and Document retrieval from a large document-base. Other areas of interest include Computer Network, Distributed Computing, Database System.

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