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since 24 September 2004

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Understanding the distribution of income and wealth has been a classic problem in economics since Vilfredo Pareto, who discovered that for the high income this follows a power law. Data analysis over years have revealed that the presence of the power law tail is universal for all economies, though the exponent (known after Pareto) changes from country to country. However, the low income follows a different distribution (either Gibbs or log-normal).

Analyzing, understanding as well as modeling the distribution of wealth has been a key area of research in Econophysics in recent years, and is an active area for collaboration for scientists (economists, financial analysts, physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists and interdisciplinary researchers).

The primary goal of the Workshop is to bring together active researchers in the field for discussions and exchange of ideas.

The Proceedings of the Workshop has been published in, Econophysics of Wealth Distributions, New Economic Windows Series, Ed. Arnab Chatterjee, Sudhakar Yarlagadda, Bikas K Chakrabarti, Springer-Verlag Italia, Milan (2005).

A report on this workshop appears in the 12 March 2005 issue of New Scientist. Click here or here.