Journey through time

by Palash Baran Pal (translated from the Bengali by Sushan Konar)
Scholastic, 2008. ISBN: 978-81-7655-970-6

Corrections, modifications, etc

The translated book was published in a hurry, and there are many printing errors. Here is a list. It is recommended that the reader corrects them in the book before starting to read the book, at least the ones which have been marked as serious error.

In listing the suggestions, I have used the page number of the printed version. On each page, Paragraph 1 means the paragraph that contains the first line of the page, whether or not it has been carried over from the previous page. Section headings have not been counted while counting line numbers. For an erratum involving a multi-line section, usually the first line is mentioned in the table.

Page Para Line Replace by Comments
29 1 1 elected (pontifex maximus) elected pontifex maximus
37 2 6 365 days or 365.25 days. 3651/4 days or 365.25 days. Serious error.
42 1 end accoding to Gregory.
     By Herschel's rule
accoding to Gregory. By Herschel's rule The paragraph break did not exist in the Bengali original, or in the translator's manuscript.
43 last all But, it is really not that simple ...... to be accepted. Well, there is no reason to think that it is that simple. When someone suggests a rule, others simply don't fall for it immediately, however justified the rule might be. To illustrate that, it would be enough to recall how long it took for the Gregorian reforms to be accepted.
48 fig. 3 There is a serious mistake in the figure. Star a and Star b have been interchanged. Serious error.
51 1 2 magh on Sagittarius, poush on Capricorn, poush on Sagittarius, magh on Capricorn,
69 footnote The footnote is misplaced. It should go to the bottom of page 68.
75 Table 2 The Table is badly placed. One lonely line above the table stands the risk of being ignored.
79 1 The letter "x" stands for the multiplication sign.
82 tabular text 2 Sha'ban         18 Sha'ban         29 Serious error.
83 1 14 the next year the first Jumada started on 20th October, the next year the first of Jumada fell on the 31st of October. The year after that Jumada started on 20th October,
93 1 3 (19×12)+7 19×12)+7
94 2 last−1 6940 6939.602 6940 − 6939.602 A crucial minus sign missing. Use an emdash while typesetting.
97 1 6 years of different length, in a Jewish years of different length in a Jewish No comma.
98 1 7 If this year was If this year were
98 1 8 months, or 354 days then months or 354 days, then Comma misplaced.
101 2 3 Consequently, their months since that Consequently their months, since that
105 3 5 The rule was that The rule is that
114 1 6 intercalation was nothing compared to what we have intercalation was not like what we have
117 1 1 For centuries different civilisations measured a synodic moth and a solar year in their own way. People across civilisatins have had to toil hard to determine the exact measure of a synodic month or a solar year. Unacceptable editorial changes made without consulting the author or the translator. It does not convey the original meaning. The key difference lies in "toiling hard".
118 1 3 mid-month day was ides. mid-month day was ides. Similar words in this paragraph have been italicised.
118 1 11 two days after the ides two days after the ides
120 1 4 In some instances the In many places nowadays, the Another instance of editorial change killing the sense conveyed in the sentence.
121 1 4 day of the Thor, thus day of the Thor. Thus
121 2 8 ... Shukra and Shani is nothing but the Sanskrit version of Mars, ... ... Shukra and Shani are nothing but the Sanskrit versions of Mars, ...
122 3 last−2 A day is called dies in Latin. A day is called dies in Latin. Without the italicisation, this line might look extremely confusing, specially since "dies" is a regular word in English.
123 2 12 no only in English not only in English
123 2 14 As there is no sign of any god here, this day is simply There is no sign of any god here: this day is simply The editorial changes have given this sentence an almost opposite meaning.
123 footnote 2 alternate name of Tyr. Other names, if necessary, are alternative name of Tyr. Other names are The author and the translator dislike confusing "alternate" with "alternative", although such usage is gaining acceptance.
124 2 5 in order of decreasing luminosity then in order of decreasing brightness of the celestial objects whose names are associated with them, then
128 1 2 to keep a count to keep count
130 2 6 flow of water does not take into account either the time of the year flow of water is completely insensitive to the time of the year The editorial correction produced a meaningless line here.
136 last−1 compter results computer, results
141 1 10 begin on Monday. It is not of great significance A new paragraph should start with the sentence beginning with "It is not of great significance".
143 1 7 positions being on the sky positions being 30 degrees on the sky
149 1 7 legend. legends.
149 2 3 influence on human society, the counting of influence on human society. The counting of
149 2 13 the Christian era began after that. the Christian era came into use after that. Another instance where editorial changes produced something nonsensical.
151 2 6 Shakas [35]. Shakas35. Citation number has been put as a superscript.
151 last−1 this entire area — called Bactria this entire area called Bactria
152 last The Bengali era, is known as The Bengali era is known as No comma.
155 2 15 1556-963 1556−963 The sign between two numbers is a minus sign, not a hyphen.
156 2 2 it is not possible it is not impossible Wow! What a typo!
157 1 4 indicates that our Bengali era indicates that the Bengali era
159 last on our wall every new year on our walls every year
163 2 4 a new name the year of the Revolution. a new name: the year of the Revolution.
163 3 2 main reason being the names main reason was the names
166 2 18 Many corporate houses do their accounting four times a year and some others do it every three months. With thirteen months in a year, the midpoint of the year Many corporate houses do their accounting four times a year, i.e., every three months. With thirteen months in a year, the midpoint or the ends of the quarters of the year
170 equation The letter "x" stands for the multiplication sign.
173 The page number does not appear at the bottom right corner of this page.
173 Table 4 The table is badly positioned. It should have been printed on the same page.
181 Ref. 34 2 l'Universit'e de Ottawa l'Université de Ottawa
And finally, the author and the translator regret that the publishers of the translation decided to eliminate the alphabetical index, which was present in the original Bengali book, and which was prepared for the English version. In this kind of a book, it is essential.