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Recent Colloquia

Title              :

Potential of UVIT on ASTROSAT and 4m class optical telescopes in the era of Multi-messenger Indian Astronomy

Speaker         : Prof. Ram Sagar, NASI Senior Scientist, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy, IIA
Date                : September 19, 2018
Time               : 3:00 PM
Venue            : Lecture Hall-1
Abstract        :

India has taken a number of initiatives to establish modern multiwavelength as well as multi-messenger observational facilities in the field of Astronomy and Astrophysics. At radio wavelength, contribution of the recently upgraded Giant meter-wave Radio Telescope (GMRT) is globally well recognised. India’s largest size (3.6 meter) Devasthal optical telescope has been successfully commissioned and started observations. The best observed angular resolution with this telescope is 0.4 arc sec. The unique multi wavelength space – born Indian astronomical observatory (ASTROSAT) was launched on September 28, 2015. All payloads including Ultra-violet imaging telescope (UVIT) have provided important scientific output. The scientific potential of these two Indian facilities, one in space and other on the ground, shall be presented in the talk along with their role in the present era of multi-messenger observational Astrophysics.



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