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Past Colloquia

Title              :

New Form of Matter : De-confined state of Quarks and Gluons

Speaker         : Prof. Bedanga Mohanty, NISER, Bhubaneshwar
Date                : February 24, 2016
Time               : 4:00 PM
Venue            : Lecture Hall-1
Abstract        :

The fundamental constituent of any visible matter are quarks, gluons and leptons. The quarks and gluons are not found to exist in a free state in nature. They are confined inside particles called as hadrons. However they were in a free state in the micro-second old Universe. We will discuss the formation of such a primordial matter in laboratory and its properties. This will lead us to address the question of how does the phase diagram of strong interaction (one of the four basic interactions that occur in nature) look like. We will discuss the recent advances made towards understanding the phase diagram of strong interactions.



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