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Recent Colloquia




Laser cooling and classical statistical physics   Prof Anders Kastberg August 02, 2017
Magnetic Field Effects on Photochemical Reactions   Prof. Samita Basu July 26, 2017
The amazing integrable models   Prof. Ashok Das July 20, 2017
Mighty regulation of a tiny RNA   Dr. Suvendra Bhattacharyya April 19, 2017
Innovative Molecular Machineries for Transmembrane Chloride Transport   Dr. Pinaki Talukdar April 12, 2017
Bound state in continuum: Proposal for realization in cold atoms   Prof. Bimalendu Deb March 15, 2017
Chromatin Structure and Histone Modification in Response to Metabolism   Prof. Jerry Workman March 09, 2017
Nuclear Astrophysics with Radioactive Beams   Prof. Carlos Bertulani March 08, 2017
Tailoring Inorganic Materials for Applications in Aqueous Electrochemical Energy Storage: Functionalized Nanostructured Carbons and Novel Restructured   Prof. Robert Slade February 23, 2017
Rosetta: To Catch a Comet!   Dr. Mark McCaughrean February 14, 2017
Physics of light flavoured quarks   Prof. B. Ananthanarayan January 25, 2017
String Theory, Particle Physics and Cosmology   Prof. Fernando Quevedo January 18, 2017
Particle Physics: Science without Borders: Going Completely Global   Prof. Nigel Lockyer January 09, 2017
The Quest for Dark Matter at the LHC - A Supersymmetric perspective from CMS   Dr. Frank Wuerthwein December 21, 2016
Stretching the WIMP paradigm: Direct detection techniques for light-weight WIMPs.   Prof. Priscilla Cushman December 20, 2016
Towards Understanding Strong Interactions   A. Harindranath December 14, 2016
Role of Experiments in the Progress of Science: Lessons from our History   Prof. D.P.Roy December 01, 2016
Nuclear Isomers: Applications to Condensed Matter Physics   Prof. S.N.Mishra November 23, 2016
Autophagy - when the cell decides to attempt suicide   Prof. D.Mukhopadhyay November 16, 2016
Molecular Machines – 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry   Prof. K.L.Sebastian November 10, 2016
Local problems and non-local solutions in biological designs: some of our recent take-homes*   Prof. B.J. Rao November 09, 2016
Present status of neutrino Physics   Prof. Naba K. Mondal October 05, 2016
From Clusters to Crystals: A Bottom-up Design of Energy Materials   Porf. Puru Jena September 28, 2016
Symmetries in the strong interactions: fact and fiction   Prof. Parthasarathi Mitra September 14, 2016
The Early Days of Particle Physics in India   Prof. Sreerup RayChaudhuri September 07, 2016
Gravitational-Wave Detectors in India   Dr. Fred Raab August 29, 2016



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