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Sourav Pramanik (Plasma Physics Division) wins BUTI Young Scientist Award

Sourav Pramanik of Plasma Physics Division has been awarded the BUTI Young Scientist Award 2015 for the best presentation of his paper entitled "Effect of Transverse magnetic field on the steady state solution of a Bursian Diode" at the 30th National symposium on Plasma Science & Technology. More information can be found at 

Sourav, working for his Ph.D. under Prof. Nikhil Chakrabarti, is studying the effect of magnetic field on nonlinear characteristics  of Bursian diodes. Bursian diodes are considered as the basic structures of thermionic energy converters, which are widely used in space power applications.  Presence of magnetic field can control the efficiency of such diodic systems by modifying the  space charge limited flow.



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