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Archive News


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Ramanujan Lecture: Prof. Ashoke Sen February 12, 2018
J C BOSE MEMORIAL LECTURE: Prof. Mariano Barbacid February 06, 2018
Decoding the Epigenetic Landscape by the Histone Readers: Implications in Human Diseases January 16, 2018
Foundation Day Celebration: 11th January, 2018 January 01, 2018
Mr. Rome Samanta (APC division) awarded the Newton international fellowship. November 30, 2017
Hedgehog Gold Nanoparticles: A Potent Candidate in Nanomedicine October 23, 2017
Welcome Students! August 28, 2017
ZrSiS - A new robust Dirac semimetal with potential for technological applications June 02, 2017
Seeking Public Opinion on Converting HBNI to an Institute of National Importance through an Act of Parliament May 11, 2017
Prof. Gautam Bhattacharyya awarded the J C Bose National Fellowship April 18, 2017
Metamorphosis of Ruthenium Doped Carbon Dots: In Search for Origin of Photoluminescence and Beyond April 04, 2017
Foundation Day Celebration: 11th January, 2017 November 07, 2016
Systems Biology Reveals New Molecular Pathways and Diseases in Microgravity September 09, 2016
Welcome Students! August 19, 2016
Application of Surface Conjugated Metal Oxide Nano-particles to Combat Cancer July 18, 2016
Outreach Programme: Celebrating Science Day March 03, 2016
Sourav Pramanik (Plasma Physics Division) wins BUTI Young Scientist Award January 21, 2016
J C Bose Lecture by Prof. Jogesh Pati on 14th January January 07, 2016
Foundation Day Celebration: 11th January, 2016 January 05, 2016
Prof. Milan Kumar Sanyal: Fellow of The World Academy of Science (TWAS) December 14, 2015
Welcome Students! December 02, 2015
Dark Matter Search Results from the PICO-2L C3 F8 Bubble Chamber November 16, 2015
SINP Participates in JGEEBILS September 17, 2015
Najmul Haque (Theory Division) wins Outstanding Student Award from HBNI August 24, 2015
Prof. Susanta Lahiri awarded Hevesy Medal – 2015: First time from India April 12, 2015
Recombining Plasma in Supernova Remnant 3C 391 November 28, 2014
Installation and running of a Beamline facility November 28, 2014
300 kV High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope (HRTEM) Facility August 08, 2013
Synchrotron Research July 22, 2013
One of the First Electron Microscopes in Asia developed in SINP July 04, 2013
God's particle: Significant contribution by SINP scientists July 05, 2012
Announcement of a Standard Model Higgs-like Boson Particle by CMS July 04, 2012



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