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Past Colloquia




Puzzles in the theory of heat conduction in low-dimensional systems   Prof. Abhishek Dhar June 13, 2018
Saha Ionization Equation -- A Century of Hindsight   Prof. Sushanta Duttagupta May 09, 2018
Red blood cells, Disease and Chemical Biology   Prof. Abhijit Chakrabarti May 02, 2018
Remembering Stephen Hawking and his works   Prof. Amit Ghosh April 09, 2018
Green Chemistry - a philosophy for all   Prof. Sushanta Lahiri March 28, 2018
Nodal Portraits of Quantum Billiards   Prof. Sudhir Jain March 14, 2018
Many Faces of Carbon   Prof. Puru Jena February 27, 2018
Random Walks Through Physics & Philosophy   Bikas K. Chakrabarti December 06, 2017
Uranium Mining: Indian Developments and Global Scenario   Dr. A. K. Sarangi December 04, 2017
Two or Three Things I Know About Water Surface   Prof. Alokmay Datta October 25, 2017
Graphene/Conducting Polymer based Nanomaterials with Versatile Application Potentials   Amitabha De October 11, 2017
Mass discrepancies in the Universe: MACHOs, WIMPs, ALPs, MOND and all that   Pijushpani Bhattacharjee, SINP, Kolkata September 20, 2017
Discovering particles   Prof. Palash Baran Pal August 30, 2017
Laser cooling and classical statistical physics   Prof Anders Kastberg August 02, 2017
Magnetic Field Effects on Photochemical Reactions   Prof. Samita Basu July 26, 2017
The amazing integrable models   Prof. Ashok Das July 20, 2017
Mighty regulation of a tiny RNA   Dr. Suvendra Bhattacharyya April 19, 2017
Innovative Molecular Machineries for Transmembrane Chloride Transport   Dr. Pinaki Talukdar April 12, 2017
Bound state in continuum: Proposal for realization in cold atoms   Prof. Bimalendu Deb March 15, 2017
Chromatin Structure and Histone Modification in Response to Metabolism   Prof. Jerry Workman March 09, 2017
Nuclear Astrophysics with Radioactive Beams   Prof. Carlos Bertulani March 08, 2017
Tailoring Inorganic Materials for Applications in Aqueous Electrochemical Energy Storage: Functionalized Nanostructured Carbons and Novel Restructured   Prof. Robert Slade February 23, 2017
Rosetta: To Catch a Comet!   Dr. Mark McCaughrean February 14, 2017
Physics of light flavoured quarks   Prof. B. Ananthanarayan January 25, 2017
String Theory, Particle Physics and Cosmology   Prof. Fernando Quevedo January 18, 2017
Particle Physics: Science without Borders: Going Completely Global   Prof. Nigel Lockyer January 09, 2017
The Quest for Dark Matter at the LHC - A Supersymmetric perspective from CMS   Dr. Frank Wuerthwein December 21, 2016
Stretching the WIMP paradigm: Direct detection techniques for light-weight WIMPs.   Prof. Priscilla Cushman December 20, 2016
Towards Understanding Strong Interactions   A. Harindranath December 14, 2016
Role of Experiments in the Progress of Science: Lessons from our History   Prof. D.P.Roy December 01, 2016
Nuclear Isomers: Applications to Condensed Matter Physics   Prof. S.N.Mishra November 23, 2016
Autophagy - when the cell decides to attempt suicide   Prof. D.Mukhopadhyay November 16, 2016
Molecular Machines – 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry   Prof. K.L.Sebastian November 10, 2016
Local problems and non-local solutions in biological designs: some of our recent take-homes*   Prof. B.J. Rao November 09, 2016
Present status of neutrino Physics   Prof. Naba K. Mondal October 05, 2016
From Clusters to Crystals: A Bottom-up Design of Energy Materials   Porf. Puru Jena September 28, 2016
Symmetries in the strong interactions: fact and fiction   Prof. Parthasarathi Mitra September 14, 2016
The Early Days of Particle Physics in India   Prof. Sreerup RayChaudhuri September 07, 2016
Gravitational-Wave Detectors in India   Dr. Fred Raab August 29, 2016
Origin of ultra-low thermal conductivity in complex chalcogenides: Effect of intergrowth nanostructure, lone pair and anharmonic rattling   Prof. Kanishka Biswas August 17, 2016
Hot Stuff   Prof. Sourendu Gupta August 10, 2016
Topotronics : transport in topological materials   Prof. Sumathi Rao July 27, 2016
The Evolution of Amyloid-β Toxicity in Alzheimer’s Disease   Prof. Sudipta Maity July 13, 2016
Insight into the World of Nanomaterials: Microscopy and Spectroscopy with Electrons   Dr. Biswarup Satpati May 25, 2016
From Quantum Electronics to Light-Matter Interaction with Van der Waal Heterostructures   Prof. Arindam Ghosh May 18, 2016
Generalized Laughlin\'s Theory for the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect   Prof. Sudhanshu Mondal May 11, 2016
Topological insulators and their aging   Prof. Kalobaran Maiti May 06, 2016
Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Information Processing   Prof. Arvind May 04, 2016
Pulsar timing as probe of Stochastic Gravitational Wave background and internal structure of NS   Prof. Bhal Chandra Joshi April 27, 2016
Evolution of Human cognition and consciousness   Prof. L.Shashidhara April 06, 2016
Cosmic Neutral Hydrogen as a Probe of the First Stars in the Universe   Prof. Tirthankar RoyChoudhury March 09, 2016
The first direct detection of gravitational waves and the new window it opens up to the universe   Prof. Sukanta Bose March 07, 2016
Quantum Networking: The essentials of distributed quantum computing   Dr. Umakant Rapol March 02, 2016
New Form of Matter : De-confined state of Quarks and Gluons   Prof. Bedanga Mohanty February 24, 2016
Disordered Superconductors: A TIFR Story   Prof. Pratap Raychaudhuri February 17, 2016
Thermoelectricity, History, Renaissance, Recent Advances and Challenges   Prof. S.D.Mahanti February 10, 2016
Investigating the QCD phase transitions with thermal dileptons: present status and new opportunities at the CERN SPS   Prof. Gianluca Usai February 09, 2016
Belle II: Flavour physics at the intensity frontier   Prof. Jim Libby January 20, 2016
A Physicist and Some Complex Materials Out of Equilibrium   Dr. John W. Freeland January 13, 2016
Astroparticle physics of neutrinos: Physics Nobel 2015 and beyond   Prof. Amol Dighe December 16, 2015
Novel bioconjugated hybrid gold-graphene oxide nanoparticles for the treatment of cytomegalovirus infection   Dr. Ritesh Tandon December 02, 2015
High resolution spectroscopy for novel excitation modes of nuclei: results and challenges   Prof. Rudrojyoti Palit November 18, 2015
Resolving Social Dilemmas using Symmetry: The co-action solution for non-cooperative games   Prof. Sitabhra Sinha October 28, 2015
Fermions in synthetic gauge fields and synthetic dimensions   Prof. Vijay Shenoy October 07, 2015
Are You Connected ? Detecting Connectivity Patterns in Networks   Prof. Govindan Rangarajan September 30, 2015
RADIOISOTOPES IN CANCER MANAGEMENT   Dr. Soumendranath Ray September 24, 2015
Exploring Many Facets of Core Collapse Supernovas   Prof. Debades Bandopadhyay September 16, 2015
Nuclear Physics with Low Energy Accelerators   Prof. Amit Roy September 09, 2015
Physics in and with ion-atom hybrid traps   Dr. SadiqAli Rangwala August 26, 2015
Travelogue of a biophysical chemist in the path to understand the process of recognition between biological molecules   Prof. Dipak Dasgupta August 19, 2015
Test of time reversal invariance   Prof. Palash Baran Pal August 05, 2015
Supernovae and galactic outflows   Dr. Prateek Sharma July 29, 2015
Thermo-nuclear Fusion: a unique energy alternative   Prof. Dhiraj Bora May 28, 2015
Effects of the shape in a finite fermion system   Prof. Sukalyan Chattopadhyay May 13, 2015
ITER-India’s Progress in ITER Project   Dr. Shishir Deshpande, Project Director, ITER-India April 24, 2015
Glimpses of Collider Experiments (Past, present and future)   Prof. Sunanda Banerjee March 25, 2015
Quarkonia: The hidden charm and beauty of Heavy Ion Collisions   Dr. Prashant Shukla November 03, 2014
Shedding Light on Dark Matter   Rupak Mahapatra January 08, 2014
Past, Present and Future of Gamma Ray Astronomy   Johannes Knapp December 16, 2013
2013 Physics Nobel Prize   Palash B Pal & Sunanda Banerjee November 29, 2013
Dark Matter Physics at SNOLAB:   Anthony J Noble November 25, 2013
Gauge-gravity duality and strongly coupled systems   Arnab Kundu November 22, 2013
Gravity and Condensed Matter Physics: The Beginning Of A Dialogue?   Sandip Trivedi October 23, 2013
Nuclear collective states at the mean-field level and beyond   G. Colo October 01, 2013
Burgeoning the Higgs mass to 125 GeV   Pritibhajan Byakti August 30, 2013
Exploring the Universe in TeV gamma rays   Pratik Majumdar July 19, 2013
CMS Experiment upgrade plans for High Luminosity LHC Runs   Suchandra Dutta July 05, 2013
Structural Modularity of Biomolecules Elucidated by Proteome Imaging   R. Holland Cheng July 02, 2013
Baryon Number Violation and Matter Asymmetry in the Universe   Utpal Sarkar June 26, 2013
Building atoms into functional oxides: Using X-rays coupled to theory in the search for new energy materials   John W Freeland May 21, 2013
Preformed excitonic liquid and charge density wave in transition metal dichalcogenides   Arghya Taraphder May 15, 2013
The high-brilliance X-ray source PETRA III & Photoelectron spectroscopy with hard X-rays   Wolfgang Drube May 06, 2013
Computing Challenges at the LHC   Subir Sarkar April 26, 2013
Why LHC?   D P Roy March 13, 2013
Optical Atomic Sensors for Medical Applications   Pradip N Ghosh March 06, 2013
Mapping the changing world of physics 1985-2009   Sitabhra Sinha February 18, 2013
Overview of results from LHC and its future physics program   Luigi Rolandi, CERN January 16, 2013
Polariton Condensation   Peter B Littlewood January 07, 2013
Quantum Games   Diptiman Sen December 30, 2010
The Large Hadron Collider: The Big Bang Machine   Albert De Roeck (CMS Deputy spokes-person) December 16, 2010
Is there a vacuum structure in quantum gravity ?   Romesh Kaul December 16, 2009



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