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Dr. Kaushik Sengupta

Associate Professor
Room No : 3106
Ext. : 3504
Email id : kaushik.sengupta[AT]
Division :
Publications in International Journals & Books
1.Bhattacharjee, P., Banerjee, A., Banerjee, A., Dasgupta, D. and Sengupta, K. (2013) Biophysical Characterization of Dilated Cardiomyopathy related lamin A Mutants. Biochemistry, Jun 18;52(24): 4229-41.
2. Banerjee, A., Rathee, V., Krishnaswamy, R., Bhattacharjee, P., Ray, P., Sood, A.K. and Sengupta, K (2013) Viscoelastic behavior of Human Lamin A proteins in the context of Dilated Cardiomyopathy . PLoS One. 2013 Dec 30;8(12):e83410
3. Bera MKotamarthi HcDutta SRay AGhosh SBhattacharyya DAinavarapu SrSengupta K  (2014) Characterization Of Unfolding Mechanism Of Human Lamin A Ig Fold By Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy-Implications In EDMD. Biochemistry. Nov 25;53(46):7247-58.

4. Banerjee, A., Ghoshal, P.K. & Sengupta, K (2015) Novel linkage of lmna single nucleotide polymorphism with dilated cardiomyopathy in an Indian case study. IJC Heart & Vasculature. June: 7: 99-105.

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6. Bhattacharjee, P., Dasgupta, D. and Sengupta, K. (2015) Molecular Events in Lamin B1 Homopolymerization: A Biophysical Characterization.The Journal of Physical Chemistry Part B: Nov 5;119(44):14014-21
7. Bera M, Ainavarapu SR & Sengupta K. (2016) Significance of 1B and 2B domains in modulating elastic properties of lamin A. Sci Rep. 2016 Jun 15;6:27879
8. Dutta, S., Bhattacharyya, M. & Sengupta, K (2016) Implications and assessment of the elastic behavior of lamins in laminopathies. Cells  Oct 14;5(4). pii: E37
9. Dey SK, Singh RK, Chattoraj S, Saha S, Das A, Bhattacharyya K, Sengupta K, Sen S, Jana SS. (2017) Differential role of nonmuscle myosin II isoforms during blebbing of MCF-7 cells.Mol Biol Cell. Mar 1. pii: mbc.E16-07-0524. doi: 10.1091/mbc.E16-07-0524. [Epub ahead of print]

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12. Dutta S, Das JK, Maganti L, Bhattacharyya M, Bhattacharyya D, Mukherjee S, Sengupta K (2018) Skeletal Muscle Dystrophy mutant of lamin A alters the structure and dynamics of the Ig fold domain. Sci Rep. 2018 Sep 14;8(1):13793

13. Bera,M., Kumar,R., Sinha,B., and Sengupta, K. (2019) Nuclear deformation and anchorage defect induced by DCM mutants in lamin A. bioRxiv 611665
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15. Bera, M & Sengupta, K (2020) Nuclear filaments: role in chromosomal positioning and gene expression. Nucleus 2020; 11 (1) : 99-110
16 Sengupta, D., Mukhopadhyay, A, & Sengupta K(2020) Emerging Roles of Lamins and DNA damage repair mechanisms in ovarian cancer. Biochem. Soc. Trans Oct 30 : 48(5): 2317-2333
17. Adam, S.A*., Sengupta, K*. & Goldman, R.D. (2008) Regulation of Nuclear Lamin Polymerization by Importin α. Journal of Biological Chemistry Mar 28;283(13):8462-8
*Authors contributed equally to this work
18. Shumaker, D.K., Solimando, L., Sengupta, K., Shimi, T., Adam, S.A., Grunwald, A., Strelkov, S., Aebi, U., Cardoso, M.C. & Goldman, R.D. (2008) The Highly Conserved Nuclear Lamin Ig-fold Binds to PCNA: Its Role in DNA Replication. Journal of Cell Biology Apr 21;181(2):269-80
Authors contributed equally to this work
19. Dechat, T., Pfleghaar, K., Sengupta, K., Shimi, T., Shumaker, D.K., Solimando, L. & Goldman, R.D. (2008) Nuclear Lamins: Major Factors in the Structural Organization and Function of the Nucleus and Chromatin. Genes & Development Apr 1; 22(7):832-53
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Supplement: S   Pages: C288-C288   



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