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Nuclear Physics

Past Seminar

Title              :

Semi Classical Models in Low Energy Nuclear Structure

Speaker         : Dr. Santosh Roy, TIFR, Mumbai
Date                : January 15, 2016
Time               : 12:00 PM
Venue            : Lecture Hall II, Auditorium Complex
Abstract        :

Abstract: Occam's razor can often be applied to various phenomena in nuclear physics to describe complex physics in a simple picture. In a nucleus various excitation modes are possible, which can be broadly classified into single or collective. Though these modes are interlinked, these are separable in the Hamiltonian. This is the primary reason; nuclear excitations can be treated in the semi classical approximation. In the semi classical picture, often there are only a few independent variables, which are sufficient to describe the experimental observation. In these cases, it is always important to consider the total picture and fix the free parameters according to the physics of the problem. Under this topic, two extreme scenarios of nuclear deformation, which are of current interest to the community, will be discussed.


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