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Past Seminar




Decay spectroscopy of 117,118Sb and isomers in 117,118Sn   Sangeeta Das 2018-02-26
Micro-Pattern Gaseous Detectors – Device Physics and Potential Applications   Dr. PURBA BHATTACHARYA, 2018-02-22
Exotic structures from radii measurements of neutron-rich nuclei   Soumya Bagchi 2018-01-03
Short presentations by Project students   Project Students 2017-07-10
Structural evolution of weakly deformed nuclei in mass 140 region with increasing angular momentum   Sajad Ali 2017-06-30
Relevance of Gamow Peak for different thermonuclear reactions   Lopamudra Nayak 2017-06-19
Importance of 12C+13C and 13C+13C fusion reactions in astrophysical scenario   SnigdhaShree Mallick 2017-06-19
Current status of 12C+12C fusion reactions   Arindam K. Chatterjee 2017-06-19
Studying the characteristics of digitizer DT 5720   Arnab K. Ghosh 2017-06-19
Determination of thickness of a transmission Si detector by energy loss of alpha particls   AP Kajal Parida 2017-06-16
Environmental Radioactivity and their origin   Ms. VARNA P.V 2017-05-31
Energy Loss of energetic alphas in thin foils   Ms. Krishna M Nair 2017-05-31
Setting up a Time-of-Flight arrangement to distinguish between neutrons and gammas   Mr. Durairaj N. 2017-05-31
Study of a few p-nuclei in the mass region A~ 100 and 180   Dr Indrani Ray 2017-05-11
Study of nuclear resonances in light nuclei   Rajan Paul 2017-05-09
Contribution of compound Nuclear effects in 12c (6Li,d) 16o reaction at sub-Coulomb energies   Mr. Ashok Mondal 2017-04-07
PMSc Term 2 Project presentation   Mrs. Piyasi Biswas 2017-04-07
PMSc Term 2 Project presentation   Rajkumar Santra 2017-04-07
Study of nuclear pandemonium effect and its importance   Sathi Sharma 2017-04-06
Response of NaI detectors to neutrons   Ms. Anwesha Mahapatra 2017-03-17
Determination of gamma branching ratio in 210Po alpha-decay using a GM counter   Ms. A. Gowri Neelima, Ms. T. Jyothi 2017-01-20
Study of energy spectrum of 252Cf source and the energy loss in mylar   Mr. V. Venu gopal 2017-01-20
Determination of the thickness of a foil by Alpha Energy Loss Method.   Mr. A. Praveen 2017-01-20
Structural evolution of weakly deformed nuclei in mass ~140 region with increasing angular momentum   Sajad Ali 2017-01-09
Investigation of high spin states near A~90 region   Dr. Sudipta Saha 2016-12-22
Investigation of pairing phase transition and exotic nuclear shapes   Dr. Balaram Dey 2016-12-15
Study of Low-lying dipole strength in Cr isotopes   Dr. Haridas Pai 2016-11-24
Evidence for chiral symmetry breaking and octupole correlations in 124Cs   Mr. Selva Kumar, 2016-09-09
Nuclear Structure & Decay properties of Neutron rich even-even nuclei in Z=70-80 region   Dr. Chirashree Lahiri. 2016-08-22
Analysis of time spectra of scintillation detectors and their applications   Rittik Patra 2016-07-15
Conversion electron spectrum of 152Eu and test report of an electron-gamma coincidence setup   Souryadeep Saha 2016-07-15
Optimisation of test program for fitting pulse shapes to distinguish between Neutrons, Gammas and Alphas   Samyajit Gayen 2016-07-15
Alpha spectroscopy and its applications   Arini Kar 2016-07-08
Two scintillation detector timing coincidence setup   Soumyarup Hait 2016-07-08
Calculation of zeroth order shell model states : from harmonic oscillator to Wood Saxon potentials   Rajan Paul and Rahul Somasundaram 2016-07-04
Detection and Identification of Background Gamma Radiation in a Gamma-Charged Particle Laboratory at SINP   Merin Joseph 2016-07-04
Fabrication & Optimization of a single wire gas detector   Sreelakshmi. J 2016-07-04
Rejuvenating the Nai(Tl) Sum spectrometer with a CAEN digitiser   Toshal Mitra and Sayantani Datta 2016-07-04
Growth and Characterization of Organic Scintillator Crystal for Neutron detection   Mr. N. Durai Raj 2016-05-26
Relative Efficiency of a gamma ray detector   Mr. Rajarshi Mondal 2016-05-20
Kinematics of 6Li+89Y reaction   Mr. Amitava Ray 2016-05-19
X-Ray fluorescence and its applications   Ms. Pooja Yadav 2016-05-03
Impact of breakup like processes on Fusion and Elastic scattering of weakly bound projectiles from medium mass target   Md. Moin Shaikh 2016-03-18
Revisiting Moseley\'s Law   Ankur Nath, 2016-02-25
Semi Classical Models in Low Energy Nuclear Structure   Dr. Santosh Roy 2016-01-15
Cluster states in Light Nuclei   Amit Roy 2015-06-30
Nuclear structure studies of radioactive isotopes relevant for the nucleosynthesis   Hans-Juergen Wollersheim 2014-10-28
Dark Matter Search Experiments: A Window to the Invisible World   Satyajit Saha 2014-05-30


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