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DNA Repair (22-Jan-02+)
Dalton Transactions (2003 - Present)
Data and Knowledge Engineering (28-Feb-95+)
Decision Support Systems (31-Jan-95+)
Deep Sea Research (1953)
Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers (31-Jan-95+)
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography (31-Dec-95+)
Dendrochronologia (1-Jan-02+)
Dental Materials (28-Feb-85+)
Desalination (31-Jan-95+)
Design Studies (31-Jan-95+)
Developmental Biology (31-Jan-95+)
Developmental Brain Research (14-Jan-95+)
Developmental Cell (31-Jul-01+)
Developmental Review (31-Mar-95+)
Developmental and Comparative Immunology (28-Feb-95+)
Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice (31-Jan-95+)
Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research and Reviews (28-Feb-07+)
Diabetes and Metabolism (28-Feb-03+)
Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease (31-Jan-95+)
Diamond and Related Materials (15-Aug-91+)
Differential Geometry and its Applications (30-Jun-91+)
Digestive and Liver Disease (31-May-00+)
Digital Investigation (29-Feb-04+)
Digital Signal Processing (31-Jan-95+)
Disaster Management and Response (31-Mar-03+)
Discrete Applied Mathematics (30-Sep-79+)
Discrete Mathematics (31-May-71+)
Discrete Optimization (15-Jun-04+)
Discussions of the Faraday Society (1947-1971)
Disease-a-Month (31-Jan-95+)
Displays (31-Jan-95+)
Distributed Systems Engineering (1993-1999)
Domestic Animal Endocrinology (31-Jan-95+)
Drug Discovery Today (31-Jan-96+)
Drug Discovery Today: BIOSILICO (1-Jan-04+)
Drug Discovery Today: Disease Mechanisms (1-May-04+)
Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models (1-May-04+)
Drug Discovery Today: TARGETS (1-Feb-04+)
Drug Discovery Today: Technologies (1-May-04+)
Drug Discovery Today: Therapeutic Strategies (1-May-04+)
Drug Resistance Updates (31-Mar-98+)
Drug and Alcohol Dependence (31-Jan-95+)
Dyes and Pigments (31-Jul-80+)
Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans (31-Jan-95+)


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