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Surface Physics and Material Science


Ion Beam Systems

Isotope Separator cum Implanter

Isotope Separator cum Implanter Isotope Separator cum Implanter
Description -
Manufacturer Danfysik, Denmark
Ion Source CHORDIS works in gas oven and sputter mode can handle all elements in the periodic table
Extraction supply 50 kV, 80 mA
Post Acceleration supply 150 kV, 50 mA
Vacuum system Diffstack at the ion source side In beam lines and target chambers Cryopumps with a speed of 1500 lit/sec each
Analyzing Magnet
Power supply 70 V, 440 Amp
Current stabilty 10(-5)
Bending radius 1250 mm
Deflection angle 90º
Entrance/exit angle 27.3º
Maximum field 0.52 Tesla
Pole gap 140 mm
Pole width 440 mm
Power consumption 30 kW

Isotope Separator cum Implanter


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