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                                                               GRAM   :   �NUCLISTUTE� KOLKOTA

                                                               TELEX   :  21-4103 SINP IN

                                                               PHONE  :  2337-5345-49 (5 LINES)

                                                               FAX       :   091-033-2337-4637

                                                         SAHA INSTITUTE OF NUCLEAR PHYSICS

                                                         SECTOR 1, BLOCK-�AF�, BIDHANNAGAR                                   KOLKATA-700 064.


No. SINP/Circular/Purchase                                                                                              January 9, 2008

 C I R C U L A R

             Kind attention of all concerned is drawn towards the various provisions of Purchase Rules of the SINP in respect of purchase of all Computers/Equipments/Consumables/Spare parts/Accessories/ Chemicals and Annual Maintenance contract etc.

            2. It has been observed that General Rules, which are depicted in the Purchase Rules (copies already circulated and the same is also available in the website of this Institute) of this Institute, are not being followed in many cases which is being critically observed by audit.

The main irregularities observed are as follows :-

a)   Quotation above Rs. 50,000/- are not obtained in sealed condition always.

b) Quotation received through Fax/email/telex, as mentioned in Para 2.1.2 of the Purchase Rules, are not be considered.

            c)  Press tendering are not being adopted as described in Pare 2.1.3.

            d) Copy of letter inviting tender are not being provided to Purchase Section in all cases.

e) Quotation for Purchase above Rs. 50,000/- received by the Divisions etc should be opened in presence of Purchase & Account section which is not being followed strictly.

            f) Stores Register as mentioned in Para 2.5 are not being maintained properly.     

            3. In view of above all the Heads of the Divisions/Sections are requested to kindly ensure that the purchase is done in accordance with the rules.  



                 ( S. K. Gupta )

                                                                                                                   Establishment Officer &

                                                                                                                    Purchase Officer (Offg.)


Copy to:-

The Heads/Chairperson/In-charge                    

All Division/Section/Project/Central Facility etc.

Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics



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