A First Book on Quantum Field Theory

Amitabha Lahiri, Palash B. Pal

Errata for the 2nd edition

Errata compiled so far

Errors in mathematical formulas

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68 Eq. 4.111 The index r on the creation operators are missing on the right hand sides of the equations.  
68 Line below Eq. 4.111 There are two mentions of the operator fr(k) in this line. One of them should have a hat on it. Philip Kurian, Howard University, Washington D.C.
68 Eq. 4.112 The exponential factor in the right hand side of the first equation should be e+ik.x, not e-ik.x.  
122 Ex. 7.4 with h substituted by |hʹ| with h2 substituted by
|hʹ|2 / (1 - 4m2/M2)
Gabriel Sanchez-Colon, CINVESTAV, Mexico
196 Eq. 9.121 The right hand side should have an extra factor of 2π. Debmalya Mukhopadhyay, S. N. Bose Center, Calcutta
206 Ex. 10.6c the interactions in Eq. (10.25) and Eq. (10.26) cannot be the interactions in Eq. (10.26) cannot be Swagata Mukherjee, Saha Institute, Calcutta
243 Eq. 11.92 W1 = - ½ q2 (F1 + 2mp F2)2 W1 = ½ q2 (F1 - 2mp F2)2  
305 Ex. (13.13), 2nd sentence Delete the following words in this sentence: "no continuous symmetry is left over, and"
Note: In fact, the potential with only the terms φφ and (φφ)2, as well as the derivative term, is invariant under a bigger symmetry O(4). Even after symmetry breaking, an O(3) symmetry is left over. Since O(4) has six generators and O(3) has three, three Goldstone bosons result.
Kaustubh Sadanand Agashe, University of Maryland
306 Eq. (13.64), 2nd line In the denominator of the last term, the quantity 2k.kʹ has the wrong sign. It should be +2k.kʹ instead of -2k.kʹ. Rashidul Islam, S. N. Bose Center, Calcutta
320 Fig 14.1 In the Feynman rule for the quartic coupling, the overall sign in front of the second line should be negative.  
329 Eq (15.5) The structure function factor in the rightmost term should be fbca instead of fabc. These two are equal for hermitian geneators, but not for the non-hermitian generators used here.  
340 Eq (15.47), 2nd line There should be a factor of   γ5 on the right side of the equation as well. William Kaufmann, Arizona State University, Tempe
371 First equation, 2nd line iSF(p) iSF(p-q) iSF(p-k) iSF(p-k-q) Rashidul Islam, S. N. Bose Center, Calcutta

Errors in other places

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xvii Last few lines of "Contents" Page numbers for the appendices and the index are shown incorrectly. For the last 9 entries in the table of contents (starting from the line with "Useful formulas"), the page numbers should be 359, 359, 361, 364, 365, 365, 367, 369, 373  
105 4th line in the last paragraph state was the same states were the same  
258 5th line after Eq 12.31 a blob at both vertices blobs at both vertices  
284 line before Section 13.2.1 should consult the any textbook should consult any textbook Wrichik Basu