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Anjan Kundu

Photo credit: Sandweep Dutta You may call me just Anjan

Academic Profile Brief CV

Recent Research Review: 2007-2010

Recent activities:

In process of Publications

1. Noncircular symmetric Skyrmions in helical magnets with broken symmetry

2. Hidden possibilities in controlling optical soliton in fiber guided doped resonant medium, \ arXiv:1009.2641,

Important Recent Publications

Quantum integrable 1D anyonic models: construction through braided Yang-Baxter equation (SIGMA 6 (2010), 080, 9 pages)

Nonlinearizing linear equations to integrable systems including new hierarchies with nonholonomic deformations (J Math Phys 50 (2009) 10272

Quantum and classical integrable sine-Gordon model with defect ( Nucl Phys B [FS] 795 (2008) 549 )

Shape changing and accelerating solitons in integrable variable mass sine-Gordon model ( Phys Rev Lett 99 (2007) 154101)

Conference/seminars/visit in 2010:

RAQIS10 (Annecy, France, June15-18 2010)

NLPTE (Gallipoli, Italy,June25-July3 2010)

Recent Publications:


Old Publications:



(Kundu- QIS:TA, IOP.UK 2003)

(Edited +contributed)

Book (Ed.) in 2007: Tsunami & Nonlinear Waves (Springer GeoSc., 2007)

Senior Associate of ICTP For 2006-2011

Seminars/Lectures in 2007

Math Phys Workshop, Koiloa, Australia 2007

Stat Mech Conf ANU, Canberra 2007

Kangaru with Baby (photo taken by me in Muramarang forest from only .2m close, Australia, Dec 16, 2007)

Future Project Plans

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    mailing address: Anjan Kundu, Theory Group, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Sector 1, Block AF, Bidhan Nagar, Calcutta 700064 India
    e-mail: anjan.kundu@saha.ac.in
    phone: +91-33 2337 5345(-49) ext 2-365 ( easy to rememeber! 2-days in a year (also my room no))
    fax: +91-33 2337 4637

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