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Milan K. Sanyal

Affiliation Surface Physics Division
Centre for Nanomaterials and Surface Physics
Designation Senior Professor
Ph.D. 1987 (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, University of Bombay)
Joined as Faculty Member in 1994
E-mail ID milank.sanyal[AT]saha.ac.in
Room Number 471/405
Telephone extension 2471/1405
Personal homepage http://www.saha.ac.in/surf/www/members_template.php?id=12
Research Interests (1) Structure-property correlation in low-dimensional systems (2) Scattering study of structural/magnetic correlations (3) Structure and morphology of solid and liquid interfaces (4) Charge ordering and electronic transport in nano-structured materials (5) Synchrotron x-ray scattering techniques (6) Growth mechanism of multilayer structures
Selected publications
  1. Evidence for endothermicquasicrystalline-crystalline phase transitions in Al6CuMg4 , Sanyal, M.K.,Sahni, V.C. and Dey, G.K., Nature, 328, 704 (1987).
  2. X-ray scattering study ofcapillary wave fluctuation at a liquid surface, Sanyal, M.K., Sinha, S.K.,Huang, K.G., Ocko, B.M., Phys. Rev. Lett., 66, 628 (1991).
  3. Determination ofsmall fluctuations in electron density profiles of thin films : layerformation in polystyrene film, Sanyal, M.K., Basu, J.K., Datta, A. andBanerjee, S., Europhys. Lett. 36, 265 (1996).
  4. Growth mechanism ofLangmuir-Blodgett films, Basu, J.K , Hazra, S. and Sanyal, M.K., Phys. Rev.Lett., 82, 4675 (1999).
  5. Energy dependent wavelength of the ion inducednanoscale ripple, Chini, T.K., Sanyal, M.K.and Bhattacharyya, S.R., Phys. Rev.B 66, 153404 (2002).
  6. Formation and ordering of gold nanoparticles at thetoluene-water interface, Sanyal, M.K., Agrawal, V.V., Bera, M.K.,Kalyanikutty, K., Daillant, J., Blot, C., Kubowicz, S., Konovalov, O. and Rao,C.N.R., J. Phys. Chem. C 112, 1739(2008).
  7. Glass transition in ultra-thin polymer films : a thermal expansionstudy, Bhattacharya, M., Sanyal, M. K., Geue, Th., and Pietsch,U., Phys. Rev.E 71, 041801 (2005).
  8. Formation of a rectifier with gold nanoclusters: X-rayreflectivity and atomic force microscopy measurements, Pal, S., Sanyal, M. K.,John, N. S. Kulkarni, G. U., Phys. Rev. B 71, 121404(R) (2005).
  9. Observation ofcharge density wave characteristics in conducting polymer nanowires:possibility of Wigner crystallization, Rahman, A., Sanyal, M. K., Phys. Rev. B76, 045110 (2007).
  10. Ordering and Growth of Langmuir-Blodgett films : X-rayScattering Studies, Basu, J.K and Sanyal, M.K., Phys. Rep. 363, 1 (2002)
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