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Amitabha Ghoshray

Affiliation Experimental Condensed Matter Physics Division
Designation Senior Professor
Ph.D. 1983 (Calcutta University)
Joined as Faculty Member in 1984
E-mail ID amitabha.ghoshray[AT]saha.ac.in
Room Number 462
Telephone extension 2462/2134
Personal homepage
Research Interests Strongly correlated electron system
Selected publications
  1. As-75 NMR study of oriented CeFeAsO and CeFeAsO0.84F0.16: PHYS. REV. B79,144512(2009)
  2. Crystal-field calculation of Pr3+ in orthorhombic PrNi2Al5 from Al-27: J. PHYS. CONDENSED MATTER 19, 086202 (2007)
  3. Phase separation in Nd1-xSrxCoO3 using Co-59 NMR: PHYS. REV. B69, 064424 (2004)
  4. Co-59 NMR studies of metallic NaCo2O4: PHYS. REV. B59, 9454 (1999)
  5. Ordered arrangement of proton pairs in the PrNiInH1.29 system: PHYS. REV. B53, 14345 (1996)

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