Instructions for preparing Manuscripts (in MS Word / LaTex templates)


Please see the general author instructions with the links to the template / style packages valid for pss (c) are available at


Please note: all authors; use either MS Word or the LaTex template, especially for publication in Physica Status Solidi, PSS (c), since the articles will be produced from the publication-ready manuscript files.


In addition, it is the easiest and accurate way to check the page limits.

It has been decided: eight (8) pages for plenary, five (5) pages for invited, three (3) pages for the contributed papers, for publication in the proceedings


Participants need to bring three hard copies and one soft copy of their manuscripts at the time of registration at the conference, ICPA-15 desk.


One paper per registered participant will be required for the publication (according to the ICPA series publications rule). This is to be observed strictly.